[Ravensfort] Waterbearing Stuffs

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I have to agree with the size on the bottles. The squirt tops are essential
as people are less likely to put their mouth on them, but if they do then
they can be sanitized. One of the problems we had with waterbearing for
defender was the lack of squirt tops and once someone puts their mouth on
the bottle it cannot be used anymore for other people. I am sure you can see
the sanitary reasoning behind this. If a couple of people donated a case of
water 1L or 44oz size, the bottles can be used for many events and the
squirt tops can be sanitized between individual uses. A good waterbearing
setup should have at least 20 of these bottles at a minimum in order to keep
a flow of lids being sanitized and plenty of bottles going around to the
fighters without a lot of rushing.


Just adding my 2 cents in the mix purely in an effort to help out.
Waterbearing happens to be one of my favorite event duties!



Grishka Kravtsovich



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You know the ozarka ones are good also dasani ones, we have a 12 pack right
now from sam's we're going through.  The larger ones though, but not as big
as 2L, those work well at wars with big melees and such but for list field
waterbearing the 1L or so size works well. 

Thanks :) 


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I'll buy a few.

Is there a brand that works best ?



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After this past Defender, it was good to assess our waterbearing supplies.
We seriously need bottles with the squirt caps.  If any of you would like to
do the Barony a HUGE favor and an easy one at that, buy the water bottles
that are good size like 1L or so, with the spout tops on them, and when you
drink the water donate the bottle and spout to the Barony.  We really need
to get a supply of them ready, cleaned etc for our next event.  



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