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Schedule for Battle of Three Commanders, October 1-3, 2010

4:00 PM           Site opens

2:00–6:00 AM Gate closed
7:00 AM         Wake-up call
8:00 AM       Armor Inspections begin
9:00 AM       Opening Court of Principals/Announcements by Event Coordinators
10:00 AM     Rapier/Chivalric Scenarios Begin/Target Archery Competition Begins/Equestrian Begins
10:30 AM     Set-up A&S/Sign-up for Bardic/Raffle for Coronets Opens
11:30 AM     Crown Luncheon/A & S Judging begins/Bardic Competition begins
1:00 PM       Gate Closes/Children's Quest Sign-in
1:30 PM       Children’s Quest Begins/“Pillage the Village” Equestrian Scenario Begins
2:00 PM       Meeting of the Order of the Pelican
2:30 PM       Children’s Quest Ends (please pick-up your children)
4:00 PM       A & S Competition Concludes...Pick up Entries/Bardic Competition Concludes
4:30 PM       All Combat Scenarios End/Volunteer Point Closed/Raffle Closed
7:00 PM       Court of TRMs Ansteorra/Presentation of War Chest to Winning Commander

8:00 AM        Wake-up Call
12:00 PM      Site Closes!

 ~~~~~~~~All times subject to change ~~~~~~~~

We look forward to seeing you!

Seneschal, Rosenfeld


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