[Ravensfort] Yule -- any musical people attending?

Milinda Ellis milinda at ezmailbox.net
Sat Dec 10 04:27:47 PST 2011

Good morning!

Any bardic-type people attending RF's Yule?  

I'm bringing [modern, transverse] flute and sheet music! Some of it's even period and all of [that] is liturgical/seasonal.  I have some modern, secular seasonal music as well.  If you have sheet music, I can "sight read" (with a few exceptions which I'll explain if the need arises) but be assured that anyone springing sheet music on me will have to help perform it.  :-P  

I cannot YET read music written in early period style!!!  It's very different from what we have now.  If any attendee can explain early-period music writing style to me, I'd love to pick your brain!

You may hear me caterwaul on other stuff as well as our church's 23rd annual service of "Lessons & Carols" is tomorrow evening and I really need to practice!!!  I'm trying to fight off allergies (I sure hope that's all it is...) and need to keep the 'ol' pipes' blown out.

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