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Well the batch of 'Tijuana Gassier Soup' has been made, along with the upside down pumpkin cake & I now have a terrible case of sinus headache!!!  Sooooo... maybe I'll make another batch of each & try again next Saturday for the Bardic Guild & Archery practice.  Apologize for last minute notice but I really was hoping to make it!  @Giovannia: I also have some can goods to go to Leon County shelter to give you, probably at Business Mtg next Thursday?
Attached are a variation on the rules of the Mongolian Gift Exchange that we use at work (shortens the time due to being "on break" at work...)  Maybe someone there at Yule with a 'smartphone' can open it to use as a guide.  I have also sent it to a number of individuals (sorry for the duplication) in case the attachment gets removed by being sent to the RF list...
Everyone be safe & enjoy your holidays!
HE Chrystal  
Faire Winds and Following Seas

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Tijuana gasser soup!

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Correction to name of soup: **Bean/Taco Soup**
>Faire Winds and Following Seas
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>We have Upside down pumpkin cake
>**bean and bacon soup**
>corn muffins
>beef stew or chicken crepes
>and cornbread salad
>Remember if you can please bring a canned item for the Leon county food pantry.
>Pasquale and Giovanna
>Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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