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The pennancelle's are 13 inch triangles and the gold ones are rectangles 10x
8 or so. I am bringing all of them that are already made so we can see how
many we already have. I also am bringing the banner bucket so we can see
what we have and what needs refurbishing etc. I also bought some more
fabric. I found some gold at JoAnn's.

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 7:50 PM, Berta Allen <bertasdragonfly at yahoo.com>wrote:

> What size will the pennants be for the list field (with seam allowance
> added in)?
> regards,
> Chrystal
>  *Faire Winds and Following Seas*
> --- On *Thu, 6/23/11, Gary and Carolyn Pace <bandb.ravensfort at gmail.com>*wrote:
> We will be bringing fabric to make pennants for the list field. I have
> found some red at Huntsville WalMart but no black or gold. It was $2.50 a
> yard. Boy was the fabric area and actually the whole store messed up
> refurbishing it. I will try to purchase the others.
> If anyone can bring some fabric of those colors we could cut them out and
> those with a machine could take a few home to sew and we could get quite a
> few that way.
> The gold ones,  (which we have two of) is Ansteorran gold with a black star
> painted and black seam binding around the edge. It looks good. But we need
> more.
> I am going into high fashion fabrics in Houston next week and can look
> there for some cheap fabric (that would be a miracle at that store!) but I
> will look elsewhere also. I found some at Hancock's but was hoping for a
> better price!
> So those who have scrap fabric, check for those 3 colors! Anyone having a
> black star stencil please bring it. It will bring fabric paint etc.We want
> to dress up our list field for Defender, so if you have banner ideas bring
> them etc.
> YIS,
> Pasquale and Giovanna
> Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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