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I am not saying not to use a bbq. And all the concrete in the world will not 
stop a spark from flying into the trees or get carried on the wind to a dry 
patch or something.
If you want to use a bbq and feel you can control it, then do so. I just want to 
be safe and not sorry. Just my thoughts.


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I agree with the concrete idea. It is too hot to turn an oven on in a house. We 
will have many people keeping an eye on it too.

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With as much concrete and as much watering as we do, I’m not overly concerned. 
> However, it doesn’t really matter to me.  We can use pit or oven… just let me 
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>Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office Use caution, put coals in water after, 
>cook on hard surface well away from any dry vegetation.
>8 hours ago · Like
>BBQ pits have not been banned, they were going to go before Commissioners Court 
>to increase the ban but apparently pits were not banned in Montgomery County.  
>It may be different for Grimes County where the big fire over there 
>started.  However, if you start a fire from using bbq pit you can bet the farm 
>you'll be fined or worse.  Having been married to a fireman it is better to not 
>use any type of pit due to sparks.  As dry as it is it only takes 1 spark to 
>lose your home, family, everything.
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