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I would like to add my 2 sheckel's worth.  JC, you have been a delight to have 
in the Barony.  Moreover, you have been, and will continue to be, a great 
friend!  Bon Chance on your new horizons and know that there will always be a 
place here for you when you are able to visit.  Take care to yourself, My 
Friend.  May your journeys be safe and may you find only the fun adventures!


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  Unto the good people of RavensFort:

  For those of you who do not know me I am, John De Athos (JC) proud Cadet to 
Don Charles of Lizards Keep. I have sweat, bled, cried, laughed, worked, and 
fought side by side with each and everyone of you. And have enjoyed the past 4 
or more years of my time with each other. I have traveled all across this 
kingdom of ours and have settled with in the barony and even fell in love and 
promised to take a lady in waiting in this barony, as my wife, to have and to 
hold thru sickness and in health. Fate has proven wrong with such a blessing. As 
much as I loved her the lose is more than I can bare. Since I have lost what I 
thought would have been forever, my time in Ravensfort has become limited now. 
It seems that I have a knack with the field of merchants, to where they are 
known world wide and have offered me a position to where I cannot refuse, they 
will make me second in command of a location to where it offers much more coins 
and promise of more in future time, maybe even a loc
ation of my own. They have asked that I take over another location up west of 
the kingdom back in my childhood home. There I will be close to family and get a 
chance to start over again. So I write this in case I do not get the chance to 
see each of you in person, to say, not good-bye (goodbye?s are forever) but to 
say ?see you later?. My time in Ravensfort has been such an honor. An honor of 
mine to call you all my family, and friends who have helped me thru such hard 
situations that I am in your debts, some more than others. I have grown such 
powerful friendships that the distance is only a minor problem. But in time I 
hope to see each of you again, to laugh, and drink, to have more memories to 
create and memories to look back on. Thank you all for what you have done for 
me, and know that there will always be a place with comfy bedding and warm food 
if any of you are in the area.

  Yours in service;
  Athos of Lizards Keep
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