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> For those who may be interested.  Please contact Cheryl Hissong  ( 
> cherylhissong at gmail.com ) with any questions
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> Reminder:
> Ozark Medieval Fortress Event
> “An after hours adventure at Ozark Medieval Fortress!”
> Saturday, July 30th
> (Friday, 5 p.m. - Sunday 10:00 a.m., if camping)
> Free for volunteers and living history participants
> Ozark Medieval Fortress:
> 1671 Hwy 14 W
> Lead Hill, AR 72644
> (870) 436-7625
> -------------------------
> The Ozark Medieval Fortress has invited the UACCB Renaissance Club to
> help them kickoff a new program, “An after hours adventure at Ozark
> Medieval Fortress!”  And we would like to invite our SCA friends and
> family to come out and help make this a truly awesome event for the
> Castle.
> On Saturday, July 30th, the Castle's last regular tour will end at
> 4:30 that afternoon, and "After Hours" will begin at 5:00, with
> activities taking place at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 and at 8:00. Activities
> will include dancing, fighting and whatever other activities we put
> together.
> For those who come out and take part in this event, the Castle is
> waiving their usual entrance fees, and will allow us to camp for free
> on Friday and Saturday nights. What we are looking for are heavy
> fighters, rapier fighters, archers, dancers, singers, storytellers,
> musicians, and folks who can demonstrate and talk about all kinds of
> things involving medieval life. The basic goal is to immerse visitors
> in life of the medieval ages, like a living history site.
> Since they are allowing us to camp, we also plan on doing things at
> the Castle throughout the day on Saturday, before the After Hours
> begins. There will be more details forthcoming on this as we move
> along and as we hear from ya'll on who wants to join us and what
> people want to do.
> We know that the Academy of Performing Arts will take place that
> weekend, as well as a conflict with Pennsic. But if you need an
> alternative to either of these, we would love to have you!
> Details:
> - Camping is VERY primitive. Tents only, no electricity in camp
> (though there is some access to electricity at the castle to use hot
> plates and such for cooking). There are indoor bathrooms with A/C not
> far from camp, and a shower facility is available but approximately 7
> miles away from camp. You may need a rake to clear out an area for
> your tent. And daylight to see what you have to work with. Camp site
> opens Friday at 5 p.m.
> - Absolutely NO ALCOHOL!
> - Everyone brings their own camping gear and food
> - With the dry conditions, we may not be able to have open fires, so
> please plan your food accordingly. If the weather changes, we may be
> able to have fires, but we simply won't know until that weekend
> arrives.
> - Dress comfortably with keeping cool in mind. It will be very hot.
> And bring lots of water!
> - We must wear garb and try to stay in persona at ALL times on site.
> - Eating is done only at the picnic area or in camp. Beverages may be
> carried around at the Castle, as long as they are covered and don't
> look mundane.
> - Mundane items, like coolers, water bottles, camp chairs, food
> containers etc., need to be covered in some way. Not as much while in
> camping area, but definitely while on castle grounds.
> - There should be a few stores not far from the Castle, to pick up
> supplies before you get to camp. Or if you need to re-supply.
> - Bring bug repellant! There will likely be a lot of ticks, so be
> prepared to spray down not just yourself, but your garb and your
> camping area.
> - No children unattended
> - We don't yet know how the castle plans on lighting up the area
> during the evening, so we are waiting on that info.
> - When we are not performing or taking part in activities, we will
> provide the atmosphere for the castle. Also, we must be on our best
> behavior! This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us. And we want
> to show them what we can do and how well we can pull this off. There
> is talk of one of the French investors coming to the Castle from
> France for this weekend, as well as other Castle higher ups. So we
> want to be sure we are at our best!
> - Since the Castle helps make ends meet through their gift shop, we
> will not have merchants selling wares at this event.
> - Given that many people cannot attend due to prior obligations and
> because of the heat, and since we won't know until that weekend
> whether we can have fires, we will wait until a later time to try and
> put together some type of feast.
> - We would like to have some of our SCA royals come out and join us,
> in full regalia with thrones, etc., and present a mock court for
> visitors on Saturday night.
> - There is not much shade around the castle, so if any of you have
> period pavilions that you could bring or send with others, they would
> be greatly appreciated!
> - And if you have any extra or loaner garb that you could spare,
> please bring or send it to the event. We are all trying to go through
> garb to find the coolest garb possible, so we don't have problems with
> the heat that weekend.
> If this looks like something you would enjoy, please contact me with
> your mundane name, SCA name, when you plan on arriving, if you plan on
> camping, and what activities you can participate in. We need as many
> pre-registrations as possible, in order to give the Castle some idea
> of what to expect.
> Thank you!!
> Cheryl Hissong
> Batesville
> UACCB Ren Club and SCA member
> cherylhissong at gmail.com
> P.S. Please feel free to cross post this to groups I missed,
> especially to our neighboring kingdoms who might be close enough to
> join us. Thanks!

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