[Ravensfort] Defender Champions

Hoffpauir, David ENV_DRH at SHSU.EDU
Wed Jul 20 09:37:53 PDT 2011

Ok, just going to throw this out there for input.  I'm trying to consolidate the Baronial Champions list and find contact info for each.  Some info I have and some I don't and some of contact information is questionable, so if you have any such info or corrections, please forward that along, PRIVATELY.

The first section is from the Raven's Fort Website, the second is from Their Excellencies list.  As you can see there are some holes and discrepancies between the two.

Champions 2010

Defender of the Fort	-Centurion Eleanor d'Erisbey

Cavalier of the Fort	-Don Pieter Rausch

Bowman of the Fort	-Ronald fitz Robert

Artisan of the Fort	-Matyas Zapoli Mochas

Equestrian		-Lady Arian Ashcroft of Lincolnshire

Brewmeister		-Vitigas Sweinbrothar


Chivalric	-Centurion Eleanor

Rapier 		-Don Peter Rausch

Raven's Scald	-Zoe-Eibhilin inghean

Brewmeister 	-Caelic Sweinbrothar




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