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Alright, I had to chime in... I'm stuck in New Jersey so me coming to cook is out of the question, But.  
Let me offer a short story about the first time I ever cooked a Ravensfort feast.
I showed up not knowing what to expect. I came with recipes and ingredients. I asked about cookers, the barony had them. I asked about serving trays... The barony had them. I asked about utensils. The barony had them. This was true about everything I asked about. I showed up expecting to work my A@$ off throughout the weekend just like I always did in other areas. Before I had the coolers out of the truck I was literally inundated with volunteers offering to help. This continued tirelessly throughout the day. 
I was completely humbled by the volunteer spirit that runs rampant through this barony and when His Excellency Nicholas recognized (MY) efforts, I was embarrassed to accept because I had literally done practically nothing... Each feast that I've cooked for this wonderful barony over the years has been an equally wonderful experience and each one practically runs itself!!!!!
This is my plea to the barony. If someone will step forwad who is willing to read the cookbook and take a couple of hours to buy the ingredients, this feast WILL happen. 
If one (or more) of those gentles who is always so wonderful to me when I come would be willing to take on the task, all those other wonderful gentles with whom you worked so closely in our kitchen will assuredly appear out of nowhere just like they always have. 
Ravensfort's champions do deserve a feast and I've seen the spirit of each of you as a brother, and from an outsider's perspective looking in. 
Please volunteer. I guarantee that you will feel as humbled as I always have. 
In joyful service I remain, 

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To make it easier for someone who is considering doing thie (NO do not look at me) you could have 1 person over the cooks and 1 person in charge of servers.  This is probably the easiest feast to jump in on and get your feet wet.

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> Last night at Officer's Meeting we had a discussion on feast and the situation of having NO FEAST COORDINATOR (...eek! I gasp!).  All agree it would be bad form to not offer a meal to our guests.   So, we're just going to forge ahead with feast plans and hope someone steps forward to lead the effort.
> I've said a few times that we want to keep the feast "as simple as possible" and to convey just how simple, below is the menu.  We have several cooks working on various parts of the meal. Most of the preparation will be done in advance of the event, in fact thanks to Dare, the chicken is done. For the most part it is all cold service items.
> The final feast may vary slightly, but this is it in essense:
> Antipasta cold course:
> -Salami
> -Cheeses
> -Roast Beef (thin slice)
> -Smoked chicken (thin slice)
> -Pasta Salad with bell peppers, zuccini, mushroom, red onion, tomato
> -Bean Salad with green beans, kidney beans
> -Italian Wedding Soup (likely the only part prepared on Saturday)
> -Bread, preferably chibatta, lightly baked
> -Desert:  Honey cake
> That's it, belly full.
> Add water and swell.
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