[Ravensfort] Bad new Officers Meeting policy

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Sun Jul 24 09:56:22 PDT 2011

The new Officers Meetings nonparticipation policy 

for general populace members 

that has been pushed down upon us 

at the suggestion of Kingdom

will stifle the smooth running of our Barony.  

I can understand that there may be a problem 

in some areas 

with the meetings running long, 

but that has never been a problem for us.  

Raven's Fort has always been able to complete 

our meetings on time 

with everyone contributing 

to the growth and strength of our group.  

On a local level 

we are told that details of individual issues 

should be worked out at Officers Meetings 

so that Populace Meetings do not get bogged down. 

Now we are told that our comments 

will only be tacked on 

at the ass end of Officers Meetings.

Delegating a comment period to the end of the meetings 

will lose the thread of a conversation and 

will force an issue to be discussed twice 

no matter how in depth the issue was discussed the first time.  

This will certainly make the meetings run longer 

when solutions and volunteers 

could have resolved problems in short order.  

Restriction of the good ideas of Raven's Fort's 

general populace is a terrible policy.

The only reason that I can see 

for our local leaders to embrace this flawed policy 

is the bureaucratic stifling 

of decent and alternative courses of action. 

This is contrary to the open input problem solving 

that has made our Barony unique and diverse.

If non-officers are not allowed to contribute solutions 

or point out problems and wrong information 

there is little reason for our valued members 

to attend Officers Meetings.

Perhaps this is the true agenda. 

Some would like to see the meeting moved north 

or moved to the internet 

which would all but cut out most members completely.

No matter what the reasoning behind 

the silencing of our populace, 

we will all suffer from its application. 

One subjective policy does not fit all groups.

I strongly request that our local leaders 

reevaluate the short falls of this bad policy 

and reject it.


In service to the Barony and the SCA,

Volod NotVlad
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