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Read again. they are asking for donations. the Baronies money is not being
used. As for the use of baroies monies, there has been in the past the
ability of a group to use SCA funds to offset the costs for someone coming
in and teaching classes etc.(last I heard of this was long ago and I have
never seen it done). Crowns in the past have accepted donations to provide
the Ansteorran presence at pennsic. DONATIONS, not levies.

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> I must say that paying for hotel rooms by the barony is ridiculous.
> Everyone who takes on an office or place of station knows that it will get
> more expensive to do things.  When did the Barony start picking up personal
> costs for the B&B, the Royals or any of us for that matter to get to
> events?  Please don't say, "well, we thought it would be a good thing"... I
> maintain that if we go in this direction, what's next? Will the Barony will
> be funding folks' way to Gulf War or Pennsic as an all-expense paid trip?
> This may sound hard and terse, but I am curious as to when we began to pay
> for the mundane expenses of folks getting to events and who decided that?
> Grammercy,
>  M Jalali of Salamis
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> Greetings to all, Their Stellar Highnesses have two food allergies we need
> to remember when we cook for Nobles Luncheon or our feast. The two
> allergies
> are onions and shellfish. Please remember this in your planning and
> cooking.
>   On another note, Lemoine and I offered to put them in a motel in
> Hunstville. They will need a room for two nights with a double bed for them
> and their entourage. We learned at Round Table that some groups offer this
> to traveling Royalty to help offset their costs. Pace and I have learned
> very quickly how much it costs for us to travel to an event, use lots of
> gasoline and eating, entrance fees etc. If you would be so inclined we
> would
> appreciate a donation to the cause of a motel room in Huntsville. We are
> checking into nice but moderately priced places to see what type of cost we
> are looking at. I will have a donation box at Populace for this. I know we
> offered this out of the kindness of our hearts but wouldn't mind a little
> help from the Populace. Anything would be appreciated.
>   YIS, and excited,
> --
> Pasquale and Giovanna
> Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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