[Ravensfort] Mundane Expenses & the Barony

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The way I read this it is a private gift of appreciation to their Majesties for
their personal use much as would be given at step up
or step down Coronation. It doesn't appear to involve and
should not involve any baronial funds.

I would hope that site fees are still waived for the royals.
We don't need to be adding to their expenses and groups
aren't that desperate for money.


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I must say that paying for hotel rooms by the barony is ridiculous.  Everyone who takes on an office or place of station knows that it will get more expensive to do things.  When did the Barony start picking up personal costs for the B&B, the Royals or any of us for that matter to get to events?  Please don't say, "well, we thought it would be a good thing"... I maintain that if we go in this direction, what's next? Will the Barony will be funding folks' way to Gulf War or Pennsic as an all-expense paid trip?
This may sound hard and terse, but I am curious as to when we began to pay for the mundane expenses of folks getting to events and who decided that? 
 M Jalali of Salamis

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Greetings to all, Their Stellar Highnesses have two food allergies we need
to remember when we cook for Nobles Luncheon or our feast. The two allergies
are onions and shellfish. Please
 remember this in your planning and cooking.
  On another note, Lemoine and I offered to put them in a motel in
Hunstville. They will need a room for two nights with a double bed for them
and their entourage. We learned at Round Table that some groups offer this
to traveling Royalty to help offset their costs. Pace and I have learned
very quickly how much it costs for us to travel to an event, use lots of
gasoline and eating, entrance fees etc. If you would be so inclined we would
appreciate a donation to the cause of a motel room in Huntsville. We are
checking into nice but moderately priced places to see what type of cost we
are looking at. I will have a donation box at Populace for this. I know we
offered this out of the kindness of our hearts but wouldn't mind a little
help from the Populace. Anything would be appreciated.
  YIS, and excited,

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of
 Raven's Fort

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