[Ravensfort] Ravensfort Demo at Folk Life Festival

PatriciaSchmidt iris20 at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 1 19:09:51 PDT 2011

Woot!!!  Would that I could have been there! (Mundania hit me far too hard
this week) It sounds like it was beyond a hit!  Thanks Limone for posting
the newspaper links!  They were really great. Wow, y'all sure done GREAT!!
And now, Devin can exhale! Lol

M Jalali

Message: 6
To everyone that helped us in this demo, THANK YOU. Without you it would not

have been possible. It was a lot of work but I think in the end that
fun is worth the effort.
To quote Rosalia of Raven's Fort, 'We will be here next year'.



Message: 7
I am so sorry I had to miss it.  That's great that it went so well.  I heard

lots of good things about it, and the articles where great to see.

Irial of Clan Blackmoor

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