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Tue May 3 10:32:45 PDT 2011

Greetings Unto The Good People of Ravens Fort,
The theater has given the world many wonderful gifts through the years; magnificent artists such 
as Shakespeare, Marlowe, Johnson and Allyn but to name a few. Unfortunately, with the ripe 
fruits of genius such as these, the theater has also given us its share of pits, such as the rascal 
known as (((Hanse Kleermaker))), otherwise know as HE that shall not be named. As we are sure 
many of you are aware, this rogue and scoundrel who, to our eternal shame, has a lasting 
association with our otherwise reputable troupe. We have tolerated his drinking, gambling and 
wenching, even his flatulence because of his talent upon the stage. But we cannot condone his 
most recent behavior - behavior that lead to his abjurement by the Crown of Ansteorra. (Thus 
proving the wisdom and prudence of this Crown.)  
The Baron's Men therefore wish to offer a free night of theater to the good people of Ansteorra as 
an apology for the behavior of our wayward player. For any and all Ansteorran folk who find 
themselves in the Barony of Bryn Gwlad this Friday, May 6th, simply present yourself at the 
Curtain Theater and give the password "Ansteorra". This will give you free admittance to our 
presentation of "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare. We require this password because this 
offer of free theater is good only to members of Current Middle Ages. 
If you are new to the area and are unsure how to locate The Curtain Theater - Ansteorra's only permanent theater - please visit us at www.thebaronsmen.org .
We thank you, we hope to see you in the audience and, most of all, we're very, very sorry for 
everything that HE has done.
Yours with great respect,
The Baron's Men
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