[Ravensfort] Missed Populace

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Greetings to all,

One of the things discussed at Populace was the up coming Site Work Weekend... 
Its going to be on the weekend of May 21st.  Our wonderful Seneschal wanted a 
head count on people going, because the B&B are doing a luncheon for the 
volunteers who are coming out to help. Or at least I think that's what the head 
count is for...

* * * * ( Your Excellencies, if you see this 4 members maybe more of House 
Rising Phoenix will be there.  Our camp site at the end of Ravensfort Blvd with 
the wooden gate next to your camp site. We will be mowing, getting rid of the 
poison oak and ivy, touching up our new brick fire pit,  and cleaning our camp. 
We want our camp site to look nice for our up coming event. We well be helping 
with Baronial common areas too. ) * * * *

There was talk about the demo, how successful it was and how impressed to board 
members of the festival were. Officer reports were given and lots of talk about 
fighter practice. We also discussed offices which were coming open and how 
people can apply for the offices. Let me see..... hmmm.... Oh yes, we talked 
about up coming events and people traveling to those events. Last but not least, 
we chatted about all the guilds and how they were doing and what they were 

I think that's about it. If i forgot anything someone please jump in and add to 

In Service,
Lord Erich Johann Alberichssohn
(Shane Wallace)

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I couldn't make it to Populace tonight because mundane life strikes again.  I'm 
looking forward to reading the minutes from the meeting.  Hope everyone is well 
and that everyone had fun tonight.  Be careful!

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