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Gary and Carolyn Pace bandb.ravensfort at gmail.com
Sun May 22 04:37:36 PDT 2011

Greetings to all in our fair Barony,
   Weekend warriors is what we were yesterday! Several people showed up to
help with the dead fall around the site. The weather was very nice, cloudy
and foggy at first. The sun barely peaked through a few times. We want to
thank Rosalia, Berengaria, Billy, VNV, DSD, Erich, Klar, Eagan, Erich,
Charles (Drew) and Plachoya  who came out to help. The dreaming tree has
been cut up into smaller pieces thanks to Billy and VNV and their trusty
chain saws. The student guild wants the smaller cut pieces to line their
camp site and they will move them when they get a crew out there to do so.
The rest will make some nice firewood etc. for those who wish to claim it
and move it. We also removed a large tree top behind the kitchen area.
Rosalia sprayed poison ivy and weed eated the bardic area and parts of the
B&B camp. Erich and his crew mowed and cleaned up their area behind the
wooden fence that is their camp spot. We had a great luncheon in shifts
because of some members leaving for work and others coming at different
times to help. All in all it was a successful day and we will wish for that
nice weather in August when we begin Defender sprucing up. Again thanks to
all of our members who came out to help. We really appreciate the hard work.
  Our Autocrat , who has yet to be named, will set the other work days for
Defender. We set June 30 as the deadline for autocrat warrant but because of
paperwork that needs to be started soon, it would be nice to have someone
sooner. The Black Star article and equestrian insurance needs to be
completed sooner than later. Also some of our members have to put in for
days off way in advance and they need to request that asap so they may
possible get these days off.

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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