[Ravensfort] What happened to the Quoth??? Very bad! Not get!

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 They were eaten by the Bad Beast of Bureaucracy. Not the volumes of the Quoth, milady Kathryn Sherborn the Barony's Chronicler has those in her safekeeping, but the addresses of all its patrons. 
 What fools we were to trust its promises of simple and fast transportation of all the Chronicler's books!  Alas it could not control its vast hunger and ate the Great Book of Quoth Patrons.  After much travail our fearless officers got the Beast to regurgitate said book. 
 Sadly it took the work of our most skilled scribes to restore its previous beauty. 
 You should soon see the clouds of dust raised by one of the fastest horseman and his steed.  Know that he carries your volumes.


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I would like to know why I did not receive my May Quoth ? Did the brids
carry it off again? Nasty birdses! Carry off newsletter for last 2 months.
Jalali-Lady not get newsletter in mail like promised! Now she little grumpy.
Missed all of what happening in April and May.  (She hissy about that!).
Please to get issue cleared up immediately so as not to have Hissy person on
back!  Not pretty! Need sent because wagon too slow, please. She say she
have missed already 90% of goings on in May!  Please to alleviate problem

Thanking you,
 M. Jalali, whohopesshereceivejuneissueontime 

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It's almost that time! Please get me whatever goes in the Quoth by around

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