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David Brown lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Tue May 24 15:36:21 PDT 2011

Who ever is going if you could spare a couple hours that would be great. I am 
going but will be doing the Scribes area.


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Good day all,

I wanted to make another plea for help with Gate Shifts at Warlord.  And to
also say Lady Katerina has gracioulsy offered a free chair massage to the
person who signs up and completes the most gate shifts.  Right now, that
will end up being the Baron and Baroness of Steppes.

Just as an update, the current shifts are still open for voluteering:

*Saturday, 6 to 9am*
*Saturday, 10 to noon (we are inside so you will NOT miss court)*
*Saturday, Noon to 2pm*
*Satudray, 3 to 5pm *
*Also, Saturday 10 to 11 an 2 to 3pm.*
*Sunday, 6 to 8am*
*Sunday, 8 to 10am*
*Sunday, 10 to Noon*

If you can only offer 1 hour at a time, please please still let me know.

In service to the dream,

Viviana Rowntree
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