[Ravensfort] At Steppes this weekend

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Thu May 26 12:14:18 PDT 2011

Greetings Ansteorra,

I will be attending Steppes Warlord this weekend and will be bringing equipment and tools so 
that I can do some casting demonstration and will have tools and materials to run a day long 
upright tablet weaving loom class.

The loom class will be limited to 2 to 4 people (not sure how many kits I have in the garage at 
the moment) and will be at least 5 hours of commitment for the student. I am very flexible in 
timing and allow students to come in and out to allow them to do other things that might be 
needed at the event. The materials cost for the loom will be $25 and the students will walk away 
with a mid period style upright loom. No prior woodworking experience is required. Students will 
be using sharp hand tools and such, but I've not had any injuries even having students as young 
as 12.

The casting demo will mostly just be me bringing my soapstone and pewter stuff. Unfortunately I 
don't have access to enough soapstone to run a class for people, but if people want to stop by 
their local Hobby Lobby, they should be able to find a 3"x3"x1/2" block of soapstone for under 
$10. Anyone bringing their own soapstone will be walked through the process of making a mold and 
getting a successful casting going (or if people want to bring their own molds we can play with 
those as well). I need to recover the costs of pewter and propane so generally run about 
$2/ounce of castings people take away.

I should be fairly obvious with some tablet looms and soapstone in the open and most likely 
setup in the main hall.

Haraldr Bassi
Barony of Bjornsborg

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