[Ravensfort] BAM needs our help!

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 We truly should put our hand to wor to help our Sister Barony!  How many times 
have they come to our rescue tfor things like putting on a feast for our events 
or helping at our gate??  This is the least we can do to help them out!! N. 
Nerak & I have already put our names on the gate list for BAM, who among you 
will be the next to do so?  Consider it a good-natured challenge, not a 

Just my tow shekel's worth,
  M. Jalali

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This was Taken from the Bordermarch list:

We are in desperate need of volunteers at gate. BAM is two weeks away and so far 
we have only 10 people scheduled (3 from Bordermarch) and 42 slots to fill. As 
you know two people have to be at gate at all times OR we must close gate and 
NOT let anyone in. If you are planning on being at BAM don't wait and volunteer 
when you arrive. Let us know now so we can fill slots and know we are covered.I 
have sent out a personal request to all the other baronies asking for help 
however it does not reflect well on us as a Barony to only have three members 
listed for our own event. Please let us know as soon as you can where you can 
volunteer your time. The shifts are just two hours long starting at 10 am 
Thursday and going through 2 pm Saturday.

Many Thanks in advance and see you soon. Both Santiago and I will be on site 
from Wed through Sun of BAM. 


Elisabeth & Santiago
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