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Viviat Tenshi (who has her first fighter bruise)!  Vivat Baron Brian du Val!  Vivat Sean!
And Vivat Centurion Michael of Gravesend!

A very proud Knight Marshal!

Lady Runa of The Thundering Herd
Barony of Raven's Fort
Knight Marshal
Apprentice to Mistress Shanahan
Bronze, Tidal Thunder
Amazon Household
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  It is my pleasure to tell you about our fighters at 3 kings. Our fighters proved themselves able and up to the challange. Tenshi (aka sara) went to her first event, fought in her first touni and was in the front row of the first charge in her first melee . Baron Brian showed his skill in the touniments. His defence was something I am personaly very proud of. Sean Thoronson proved himself again again charging the gate with me. He also was in the front rank time and time again.    
  This does not just show the courage of our fighters, its shows our resolve to take the fight to our foe. It shows the dedication of many people to the fighting community. Folks like Baron Brian and Lady Runa who make sure folks get to practice and the armor makes it as well. 
  I am so very proud of Baron Brian, Sean, and Tenshi. They are capable fighters, great students, and wonderfull people. 
  Centurian Michael of Gravesend. 

  Theres always somebody out there. Always. And when that time comes and you find something standing in front of you, something that ain't running and ain't backin up and is hittin on you and your too damn tired to breathe. You find that situation on you, thats good, Cuz thats baptizim under fire! Oh you get thru that and you find the only kind of respect that matters in this world, Self respect. 
  Martin from Rocky Balboa (yeah.. .its cheesy, but i like it)


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