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Free book! Enjoy!!


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I thought some folks here might be interested in this. It is for both folks who are familiar cooking period dishes and those who are not. Since a number of Yule Revels and pot-lucks both SCA and mundane are coming up with the holiday season, perhaps some of these might be worth trying.

Besides, it's free! :-)

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Salvete Omnes!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the Kingdom of Drachenwald's Camp Cookery Book "Plain Fare"?is now online. Admittedly, I'm sending it to this list mostly in order for word to spread, since the target audience is people who do not know a lot about period cooking. Basically, it is a short collection of documentably period recipes - each one in English translation with a redaction - that are suitable for preparing in camp even by moderately skilled BBQ cooks. The idea is for this to be handed to newcomers to the culinary scene so that their camps may be fed on other things than grilled sausages and canned ravioli.

The file (pdf format) is onm the Kingdom of Drachenwald's A&S page

and can be downloaded here

It is 86 pages, designed to be printed side by side on A4 or letter-size pages and bound into a handy booklet. Distribution in any form is encouraged. This is also part of our ongoing PR programme known under the catchy title "Hey, Drachenwald Exists!"


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