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Prepare Yourself Ansteorra!!!


The English have marched deep into France and are planning to lay siege to the city of Orleans'.  Even now the French are fortifying the city walls, while the maid, Joan d'Arc races to meet with the Dauphin.


Join us this weekend, November 11-13th in the Shire of Ffynnon Gath, as we and our friends from Seawinds host this magnificent event. 


The fighting will be fierce and we highly encourage you to cast your die with either the French or the English as we battle through a set of unique scenarios.


The rapier community will also have some fantastic scenarios to test skill and tactics.


***There will be a very special A&S competition - unlike any other

competition our kingdom has seen.  


There are still feast reservations available. 


The event is held at the Seguin Outdoor Learning center in Seguin, TX



For more information about this event you can visit our website:






For the most up to date information visit our Facebook page:




See you there!


Robert de Bray





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