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From: "Liam Gordon"
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Subject: [Ansteorra] Novice tourney at BAM

> Greetings for to the Lists,
> If you get this more than once, I humbly apologize for the clutter in your
> mail box.
> Once again, the Squires of Ansteorra have been granted permission to host 
> a
> novice tournament, this time at BAM.  Please pass word to your fighters 
> and
> bring them out to the event and give them the opportunity to fight other
> novices.
> The particulars:
> When: Friday of BAM sometime after 6:00 PM at the fort.
> Who: Fighters who have been authorized to fight for less than 2 years and
> are not a squire or a student to a Master of Arms.  Also, they cannot have
> ever won a tourney to this point.  This is also opened up to our brethren
> from Glenn Ahbann who meet the same requirements.
> Why: To give novice fighters the opportunity to fight amongst themselves
> without the added pressure of those who have been fighting much longer and
> are at a higher level of skill.
> Pass the word.  Let's have some fun!
> In service to Crown and Country,
> Centurion Liam Gordon
> -- 
> Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit
> materiari?

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