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Greetings unto the Populace!

Okay, keep in mind, I am a bard so you will understand why this is a little
long winded!  (Have you ever known a bard who wasn’t?)  Besides, this was
our first meeting and we covered a lot of ground!

Our first Bardic Guild meeting went very well.  Combined, we had eight
people who showed up (five adults and three children)!  Thanks go out to
Angela, Amelia, Chrystal, Dom, James, Jessica, and Daire for their
participation and input.  And special thanks go out to Dom and Dave for
opening their house to us.

After perusing the mass amount of bardic material which was brought, we
began working on song lists that people are interested in learning which
included everything from ‘Vivat the Dream’ and ‘Rising of the Star’ to ‘The
Dark Lady’.  Angela brought her guitar and wants to learn the music as well
as the words.  Chrystal has been hiding talent from us and is interested in
learning more about guitar music as well!  The possibility of group
performance seems to have a lot of interest. We also came up with some
ideas to get the children more involved in the Bardic Guild such as what
simple instruments they could play in accompaniment, doing a magic show, or
possibly doing small skits.

Discussion covered other things as well, like the combining of feast and
bardic activities at events, whether we should begin having a bardic class
at every event we hold, and potentially having a Punn-off or even an Insult
competition to help liven things up.  Event classes could be long or short
and would cover the gamut of bardic activities from songs, poems,
story-telling, dance, magic, juggling, instruments, history, bardic
etiquette, and so one.  The possibilities are endless.  Hence, one of the
reasons I love the bardic arts!

The Bardic Guild will be looking towards adding our voice to the Quoth,
including the potential for articles on bardic etiquette and history and a
song of the month.  I will be contacting some of the other local bardic
groups and the kingdom list in an effort to cross-post information about
our meetings, conversations, questions, etc. in the hopes of promoting
bardic interest and interaction on a broader level.  Goodness knows, there
are many bards out there who have far more experience than I do and their
input and participation will be very welcome.

Unfortunately, it is at this time going to be very difficult to create a
set date and time for future bardic meetings since those interested have
such varied schedules.  So, each month we will decide on the
date/time/location for the next meeting.  In an effort to help spread
things around, it will be a good idea to change the location that way there
is not a constant drain on any one location and hopefully this will give
our members who are interested but can’t travel as often or as far, a
greater chance to participate.  With that in mind, we also discussed the
necessity of a staging area so that people can carpool if necessary.  For
anyone coming in from out of town, it will be possible to arrange for crash
space so long as we know it is needed in advance.  At this time, we are
looking at only meeting once a month, though, should interest and schedules
conflict too badly, it is always possible we can arrange to meet more often.

In an effort to promote unity within the barony, we are looking at
combining the Bardic Guild meetings with other guild meetings.  This month
we combined with the Brewer’s Guild.  Next month, Angela, who has opened
her house to us for the next meeting, suggested holding an Archery meeting
in conjunction.  Posts will be made concerning all of this as details are
hammered out.

Now for the part you have all been holding your breath waiting for (hope
you haven’t turned blue!). . . at this time, the next Bardic Guild meeting
will be held December 17th, 2pm, at Angela and Brian’s house.  I will
re-announce this as we get closer to the date or if anything changes, but
this way people can have a better chance to mark it on the calendar.

Anyone with any questions or suggestions can email me off-list.


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