[Ravensfort] Pennsic 42 Plans

Zane Pyle zane_p36 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 18 13:30:09 PST 2011

Though it's 19 months away many of us do have a tough time making it and making strong plans ahead of time, no matter your position in those plans, doing so requires the first 'thoundsnd miles' of 1 step.  I have made a lot of plans for 42 and though i am not a fighter (yet) my plans require a great amount of time.  If you are interested in getting to Pennsic 42 and need help with your travel plans you are like me.  I have everything i need as well as the gas to help out some lucky citizen.  I would like to go up with the Land Agent and assist with anything that person might need before the war.  If you have any plans at all or plan to work as the Land Agent, please contact me.  It is over a year early, i know, but will help anyone and everyone who needs it in getting themselves there.

Lord Asbad Sweinbrothar
Zane_p36 at yahoo.com
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