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Mon Nov 21 14:22:49 PST 2011

Bongourno onto all,

   We have returned to our lands from a memorable weekend at Bordermarch where artisans, warriors and merchants gathered to prepare for Gulf War. Their Royal Majesties were joined by Their Majesties of Gleann Abhann. Their Kindom artisans competed with Ansteorra's as did Their honorable  warriors. 
   A great fighting practice, including equestrian, and artistic competition was held. HE Giovanna supported our troops and new mundanes alike with the hospitality of foods and friendship under the Barony's list field pavilion.
   HE Pasquale, with the assistance of many, was authorized as a combat archer. He also has been allowed to become a Deputy Marshall for Chivalric with much thanks to HE Brian on many counts.
   While HE Pace was being evaluated on the field as to his ability to fight safely as an archer, he witnessed Lord Egan stop a challenge to our left flank. All Lord Egan did was to slay THREE Gleann Abhann heavies with perhaps not more blows than men he bested. In the ravine battle, Lord Egan fought until exhaustion took him from the field.  While fighting, he was joined by Lord Caleb the Insane,  whose skill with a spear are legendary. Centurion Micheal's prowess and skill as a General reflected the Crown's wisdom in  appointing him to such a high rank. Sir Kief was in the fray, but had to face Ansterora's might, as his contingent was asked to help fill Gleann Abhann's ranks. HE Brian not only took the field but also competed in the A &S competitions with very nice leather gauntlets.  Lord Lemoine  also entered the A & S with his study of pigment painting on several mediums. He was joined by Lady Rosalia, proud owner of a new helm. The last we saw Lord Egan  he was being whisked away and attended to by Lady Runa in her chariot.
   In evening court, Mirabelis was awarded the Kingdom's 'Golden Bridle' award. The vivat from her presentation must still be ringing in her ears. HE Pace got his 'Shakey Knees' award for his first kill at BAM. Berengaria assisted with the equestrian competition by scoring the runs and assisting in the general activities. Mirabelis was seen atop a horse many a time during the day. Arabella, who is working on her chirurgeon authorization, worked with Lady Caley on several injuries in the ravine battle. Once again, Mistress Shanahan gave sustenance  and shared her great knowledge to Emmit and Michelangelo from Raven's Guild and several mundanes on the list field. Mistress Jalali gave a class on heraldry and our own Camerlingo, Herr Detlef, heralded Court for HE Santiago of Bordermarch. Several of our Barony sat gate including HE Giovanna, HE Pace, Mistress Jalali, Mistress Nerak, and Lady Mirabelis. Mistress Jalali also helped with the brewing competition as well. HE Elizabeth was truly missed as she was still in the hospital recovering from several surgeries on her back.
  After court, we played drums, attempted dancing and depending on age, enjoyed awesome meads. Cher was seen dancing beautifully in the Hafla we attended that evening and enjoying herself.
  Back to the Ravine battle, where narrow was the ravine and steep were its sides. Our archers, standing elbow to elbow, unleashed  a rain of death that allowed our spear men /women, inspired and lead  by our beautiful Queen Amelot to charge forward.  General Centurion Michael  lead  all from the front, to unleash his chivalric brothers upon those who kept coming. HE Pace encourages any who can, to consider taking up a bow or crossbow, please do so. The battle, when such a balance of missile, heavy, and spear persons are utilized as they were this day, leaves no doubt as to the battles' outcome. Rapier competitions were also held but we haven't any news concerning it, bardic or equestrian.
  Our Baronial camp was home to eleven people and two 'war dogs' in all. Much laughter was heard from our camp and those all around as the weekend progressed.
  In all, it was a fantastic event with the Raven being well represented.
  A special thanks to Lord Egan, Thomas, Emmit Red Britches and Michelangelo for their help in setting up and taking down camp and the list field pavilion. Their friendship and help proved a great reminder that our Barony thrives to enrich our Baronial health and welfare.
  Our Yule will be in a few weeks. Yes, the drought will perhaps prevent us from having outdoor fires, but our inside hearth will be burning. We have invited all who may, attend  our Raven's Fort Yule. We hope to see you there on Dec. 10 at Ridgetop Farm.
In love and light,
Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort

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