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In addition to the successful demo and participation of all who answered
Lord Devin's request, your Barony was also well represented by those of us
who traveled to Coronation. Lady Rosalia, Lord Lemoine, Herr Detlef,
Mistress Jalali, Nerak, Baroness Giovanna and myself enjoyed the Royal
Before the fighters who vied for the position of King's Champion took the
field, we witnessed the skills of young fighters as they squared off on the
list field. Our Kingdom has a fine stable of youthful warriors who aspire to
take the field as Chivalric fighters.
We presented small gifts to our Royals before we journeyed back to our
Barony. Thanks to the efforts of many who represented Raven's Fort at the
demo (thank you Lord Devin and all who rallied to his call) and to those of
us who traveled the many miles to Coronation, yesterday was a good day for
Raven's Fort.
I am glad to know that so many fighters practiced their skills at the Fair.
Hopefully those Rapier and Chivalric fighters will travel to BAM to join
with Sir Ysfael and Lorenzo in preparation for Gulf War.
Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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