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Greetings to All,

This Saturday brings joy and laughter to Loch Soilleir and we wish to share
it with as many as can come to our barony.   There are some changes that
have been made to the site because of the recent fires and I want to make
sure that everyone was aware of them.

1.  There are to be NO FLAMES of any kind on site.  In accordance to the
County Burn Ban, we are to have no flames at all.  That includes smoking.
We are sorry for the inconvenience but support the site manager in this.
Having gone to coronation last weekend and seeing the destruction en route,
I can't fault this at all.

2.  This is a *primitive site*.  Normally, Camwood has some amenities but
not this weekend.  There is NO running water and NO electricity. We are
bringing water in for the populace but please plan accordingly.

3. This event will only take place on Saturday.  Because of the site
condition and no camping, we will be closing the site at 8pm.

*Tentative Schedule*

8:00am Gate opens
9:00 morning court
Rapier and armored melees starting after court
Titled A&S to start after morning court as well
Titled Bardic sign up to take place after morning court with performances to
take place in the afternoon

Archery will take place during the day come and enjoy this fun shoot.
HL Sarra Asshton of York, Coastal Regional Exchequer, will teach a financial
policy class during the day

*Afternoon *
Cut and Thrust Trials
Pumpkin Ball
Titled Bardic performances
Evening meal to start between 4:30 and 5:00 (limited to 50)
Evening Court
8:00pm Site Closes

We are hosting a fund raiser for those affected by the fires in this area.
There will be sweets on sale during the day so please come hungry and enjoy.

I remain in service,
HL Delphina de Champeaux
Steward for Lochtoberfest


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