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Mon Oct 10 07:30:24 PDT 2011

Greetings everyone, Populace was short and sweet last Thursday evening. We
went through all officer reports quickly and discussed our Defender. We made
some money on the event  but decided that next time we will have
reservations made in advance for feast.
  The deadline for Quoth articles is now the 25th of the month. This allows
officers to get a better picture of their office and the happenings going on
in their areas for the Quoth.
  We had quite a few new members at our meeting. One person found out at the
demo Devin organized, one from the news article Devin posted and several new
quild members attended as well. Our Raven's Guild was well attended with 4
new members. Their interests are chivalric and rapier. We hooked them up
with mentors to talk to.
  A card was passed around for Devin and many hugs and well wishes were
given to him. We will miss him greatly but know that he will always be a
Raven's Forter in his heart!
  We also reported that we will be splitting up our champion competitions to
two events while Their Excellencies hold the office of B&B. Our marshall
arts championships will be held at Defender every year with A&S
championships held in the spring events beginning in 2013. These are A&S,
brewing, and bardic. The current champions are aware that they will hold
their current status until spring 2013. Brainstorming on how to accomplish
this easily and be well represented is welcome to the B&B email address. We
will encourage all ideas on this private email.
  The Houstonian was given out for the article written about our demo in
Huntsville. Mistress Shanahan was featured in the article. She gave much
history of the SCA and our group. She well represented the SCA in her
knowledge and in her sweet demeanor. We are all very proud of her. She did a
wonderful job. The article was well written and had some humorous moments as
  Our 'Guild Together' will be Saturday, October 29 beginning at noon. It
will be pot luck, bring a chair and a table if you have one. We cannot
borrow tables locally anymore. We do have a few but could use more.
  Our Yule will be the second Saturday in December ,as usual, on the 10th
beginning at noon as well. Same thing-pot luck, bring chairs and tables,
dessert contest and mongolian gift exchange (we need to discuss how to
shorten it this year) will be held again. Crash or camping space is
available for both.

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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