[Ravensfort] Legacy of Lions in the Barony of Bjornsborg

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This past weekend Lady Rosalia and myself joined Herr Detlef, and their
excellencies Pace and Giovanna at Legacy of the Lions in the Barony of
Bjornsborg. The weather Friday night was wonderful for camping, Rosalia,
Detlef, their excellencies myself talked into the night about the coming
event. Early Saturday their excellencies treated us with hot coffee to get
the day off to a started. The good people of Bjornsborg provided many
different actives to be enjoyed, also the hospitality tent was well
furnished with more then enough food and drink of all kinds to keep one well
feed and hydrated all day long. The muesum tent provided one with a rich and
deep understanding of the Barony of Bjornsborg. I was very impressed with
all of the items the people of Bjornsborg donated to be displayed. The
fighting for the day was outstandiing. I really enjoyed the helm crest
melee. Many of the fighters that had entered the melee had filled the crest
on their helms with candy, and after the melee the kids were allowed on to
the field to pick up the candy. The champions for all of the different
tournaments for the day are Centurion Eleanor d'Eresby, Sir John of Severn,
Count Lochlan Dunn, Centurion Liam Gordon, Lord Mihil von Brandenburg,
Centurion Robert de Bray, Milord Thorson of Fynnon Gath, and Sir Ysfael
Bryndu vivat the champions of Bjornsborg. I entered the Arts and Sciences
competition. Due to mundane factors beyond Rosalia's and my control we had
to leave before evening court. I did receive a missive from the Daughter of
the Lions Mistress Lucia Piazetta, and she informed me that she had chosen
my has her Arts and Sciences champion. An honor that I will do my best to
live up to. I also received a missive from Lord Grishka Kravtsovich that I
had also received word fame in court as well.

Lemoine de Gascony MKA "L.D. Beers" loco.cerveza at gmail.com
"for my purpose holds To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the
western stars, until I die."  --Tennyson
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