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If you read no further, just take this- the Coastal Army is still the Coastal Army. 

In the wake of some administrative changes there have been rumors of the Ansteorran Army reorganizing.  What everyone will see is pretty much the same setup we've had for the last few years. 

Coastal will continue to rally as a unified force under Centurion Michael of Gravesend.  You guys did a spectacular job holding the center of the line in the ravine battle at Gulf War.  I love being able to just give Michael an objective, and despite being outnumbered Coastal consistently pulls off the job.  So I have no reason to want to end that.  I'd like to request that units which are primarily coastal to look to Michael for the big game plan and help him achieve the region's objectives. 

Southern will continue to report to Centurion Uther Blackthorne.  The discipline of the region, strong leadership, and heck, even the decent livery, has allowed even the green troops to perform like double their number, and the whole region can turn on a dime and hit hard. 

Central will report into Centurion Fiacha the Blue.  Now there's a lot of individual prowess in Central, and that hasn't translated to the devastating melee force it should.  So I've asked Count Hrafn, Master Airaklee, and Sir Louis to help herd those cats.  You'll be greater death dealers if you're not distracted by all the shiny helms you can swat at.  Chiv and centurions, please make an effort to check in with one of those guys so you know the objectives for your region before each battle. 

Northern's only change is that Centurion Evangelos now has a spiffy new (and well deserved) white belt.  You guys have insane skills, great numbers, discipline, camaraderie, great archers, a growing siege corps, livery, and a strong sense of melee tactics.  If anyone wants to know how to do melee well, look to the north. 

Centurion Wayland will be Lt. General of Artillery and Archery.  He'll help us get our siege engines in the right places to be most effective before battles and make sure our archers get the love they deserve.  I don't intend to strip archers out of established units.   Everyone still gets to fight with their friends because it's more fun and you're more effective that way.  I love having a 20ft spear backing me up when I need one, and I think most of our pikemen agree.  But if you're looking for advice on the right vantage points, need authorizations, or ideas on how best to survive and capture objectives, Wayland is your man. 

So there you have it- mostly the same cast of characters in command again this year.  We'll even things up a bit to keep things fun for our friends from Gleann Abhann, but I'd like regions to be kept together as much as possible at Bordermarch Autumn Melees so we get more practice working together.  Give some thought to how you're going to get your siege equipment to Gulf War, and start asking around for help if you need it. 

If you'd like to learn more about our army and how you fit into it, check out the web page here: http://armyofheroes.wetpaint.com/page/TableOfOrganization 

Looking forward to another year of crushing enemies with you. 
Sir Gaston de Clermont, 
General of the Armies of Ansteorra.

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