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What are we decorating with all the celtic stuff?  What rooms? I will do this if you let me know what and where.


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Greetings, instead of taking this up at pop I will ask now. Every year I have decorated the dressing rooms etc. This year I will not have time but still have all the stuff. I could provide the stuff if someone will do it. It consists of sweeping walls and floors, putting carpet down, tacking celtic bedspreads to the walls and putting a table and chair in each room. Also hanging the curtains, easy. On the outside I put a table with a basket of soaps etc. for people to use. So I need someone to do this for us. I usually tack a black star hanging on the outside too. I can bring it all like I said just need people power. 
  On Friday, Keely will be putting the feast tables out and will need help and take down Saturday night.
  We need more slots filled for gate.
  We need people to go with DSD to storage to get the things there for the event and then help Sunday putting it back.  
  We need help Friday putting up and taking down on Sunday.
  Sounds like a lot but if everyone does just one thing it will all get done!
Thanks to all,  G

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort

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