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Ace Thomas acethomas23 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 09:45:01 PDT 2011

Evening all! I hope everyone understood my statement on the direction of 
the website last night at populace (although I was out of breath, 
sweating, and very tired). If you didn't catch it, well I'm posting it 
on the list and on Facebook for everyone to behold!

So, the first thing I mentioned was on the topic of Guilds. I would like 
for the principals of the guilds (inactive or active) to e-mail me their 
SCA name and e-mail (if they wish for this information to be posted) and 
a short blurb or introduction to the guild. An example would be 
something a long the lines of what you gave the MoA&S as your outline 
(or I can't remember the word they used) about what your guild is going 
to be doing and focusing on.

The second thing I mentioned was a Crafts & Hobbies page that will be 
the first link under "Guilds." This page will be an association page via 
SCA name (maybe e-mail) to craft/hobby. An example, using myself, would 
be as follows:

     Aedan the Apothecary - (e-mail) (whatever else you want here, maybe 
what you're interested in looking for e.g. "I would like to find people 
with similar interests and would like to study the lovely art of herbs!")

I believe this page would be an awesome addition for out lovely Barony 
when it comes to assimilating new people into the Fort. So, if you would 
like to be associated with a particular craft or hobby (it matters not 
what it is, so if it's not listed don't worry--I will add it for you! 
You can also be listed more than once for as many interests you have.)

So, c'mon people I know there are many, many, many creative people in 
the Barony and I would *LOVE *to have your support on this. Just send me 
an e-mail with what you want to be associated with and your SCA name 
(and e-mail if you wish) and I will do the rest!

Vivat Raven's Fort!

Cheers and YIS,
Aedan the Apothecary
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