[Ravensfort] Website Update

Ace Thomas acethomas23 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 13:41:09 PDT 2011

Website update! I have three new updates, and hopefully more to follow 
since they're the first in a succession of updates.

First of all, the first officer page is completed(ish)
I'm still wondering if it's too graphic intense, I don't want those on 
satellite or dial-up to be bogged down by too many graphics--so if this 
is a problem please tell me!

Second of all, I have the Crafts & Hobbies page up:
I need some associations with skills, you don't have to have your e-mail 
listed if you don't want. If you do want you e-mail listed I need you to 
e-mail me saying that I have permission to publish your e-mail on the 
website. If you don't see your skill/craft/hobby listed just tell me 
what it is and I will gladly add it.

Thirdly of all, the first guild page is up:
For inactive or active guilds I would like to have a page for all of 
them that are currently in the Fort.

Cheers and YIS,
Aedan the Apothecary

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