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Just got home from the command center for the fires in southwestern Leon County.  The firefighters in Walker and Montgomery counties will also need donations of: eye drops, chapstick, rags, and ice, any sources of protein such as nuts, bananas, and meat. Additionally, they will need paper "dust masks."  They won't need caffeinated beverages as much as they'll need water and Gatorade.  Actually, the firefighters here have been requesting "G2" Gatorade instead of the "regular" Gatorade as it's not as sweet.

The fires in Leon Co. are only about 15% contained.  Arabella/Brandy is still down there coordinating volunteer efforts and providing first aid;  I was taking notes for the guys at the command post, recording locations of trucks, bulldozers, the air evac chopper, GPS coordinates and county road numbers, etc,

This is SERIOUS stuff and the fires move faster than you can.  The fires here had been "crowning" (jumping from tree top to tree top) so it's been extremely tough for fighters to get ahead of it, let alone a "toehold" on it.  There are bulldozers out (4 from the US Forestry Svc (which came from South Carolina), contractor dozers, track hoes, and several large farm tractors with discs).  Firewalls are about 200' wide.  Thank God the wind has laid.

I'll be heading back down there in a bit.  Had to come clean up Blaize, check on our own place (about 15 miles N of the main fires) and feed horses.  I'm sure we'll all be back down there again tomorrow morning.  Brandy may be spending the night there.

At the risk of making someone mad: I'm really worried about Defender because of how fast these fires are moving AND due to the fact that there's no rain forecast for the next two weeks.  At the very least, I've decided that I'll leave my horse trailer hooked to the pickup in case I need to leave in a hurry!!!

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  Please donate water, gatorade, snacks and stuff for the Firefighters at the Fire Station #2 on Sam Houston Ave. in Huntsville. That is the Fire Station we have populace at.

  Thank you.



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