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Wed Sep 7 06:38:20 PDT 2011

Greetings to all, At our Sept. populace meeting we had over 30 members some
of who were new members from the Raven's Guild. It was nice to see the
enthusiasm that our student group always brings to our Barony.
   Many things were discussed mainly about our Defender which is less than 2
weeks away. Our Autocrat and Seneschal have posted very stringent rules
about Defender in regards to open fires, cooking and cigarettes. Please read
these and tell all who come to our event about them. If you are camping,
please watch your camp for violations because we are talking serious here.
You know we would not be enforcing these rules if the situation wasn't dire.
We cannot afford even a small infraction of these rules. Be sure you bring
plenty of water to store at your camp and watch cars as they cool down at
the camps.
  A 'Get in Free' card is being designed by Cindy and Bennet Foxe should
have them in her hands by tonight to give to the students who wish to attend
Defender. There are other new members who will also be using these as
Defender will be their first event. As usual if you help serve feast, you
will eat free.
  If you have things that belong to the Barony please send a list to Irial ,
our herald.  Don't make her come to your house and go through it!!  :)
  Aedan, our web minister, is wanting pictures of officers and a brief
description of your office for our website. We discussed guild meetings and
how to put them on the website as well.
  Many other things were discussed but my note taking for once was
distracted. So if I missed anything important please feel free to add.  And
if anyone wants to take over the note taking at Populace for me I would
appreciate it.
  Oh-- we will have our next 'Guild Together; on Saturday, October 29 at our
house, Ridgetop Farm in Centerville, We will start around 3pm and continue
into the evening with anyone staying over who cares to. We will do guild
things, make masks for our masked ball, have a pot luck, (we have an awesome
new grill), and do Halloween things for the children. We are thinking hay
ride, bobbing for apples etc. More will come on this after Defender. Please
mark this date on your calendar and bring out your crafts etc. Our last
'Guild Together' was very successful and fun. We hope to continue this
tradition at various houses throughout the year.

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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