[Ravensfort] Work weekend, fire stuff, and last minute details...

Hoffpauir, David ENV_DRH at SHSU.EDU
Wed Sep 7 08:28:54 PDT 2011

I've had a lot of suggestions for fire prevention at Defender.  I'm not certain that I can get to them all, or even remember them all, so if you have an idea, please help me make it happen.

The two biggies of course are our allowance for cigarette smokers and camp stoves.  I want to centralize any fire potential as much as possible so we're not scattering resources.  My thought, or plan, is to rake two areas in the kitchen/ storage area.  The camp stove area being immeadiatly adjacent to the kitchen and the smoking area down a bit further toward the showers.  Both areas will be shaded and in close proximity to trees.  By rake, I mean absolutely bare of ANY combustable material.  The pine straw must be completly removed within the two areas and at least 15' beyond.  That's my main priority for the coming work weekend.  Please bring a rake, if you have one.

We'll coordine off the area with barrier tape or rope and post the fire rules.  We'll have water on hand, sand, fire extinguishers, Smokey the Bear, and Fire Chief Hobbs waggin a finger in the smokers face, if possible.  :)  We'll scrounge whatever chairs are available, for comfort.  

The camp stove area will be set with a couple of tables and fire safety items.

I want to post fire rules everywhere there's a flat spot, so if someone has a staple gun, please bring it.

With Alaric's permission, we will establish a second smoking area at or near Swiencamp for the evening activities.  I have yet to discuss it with him, so this idea is tenative.

There is one tree across the road near the shower.  That will also have to be removed this weekend.  It's small, but tall.  I'll check that my saw is running and whack it up.

The list areas need a good gongferming.  The chips are dry, so it should be enjoyable.  Bring a shovel if you are squeamish about such things.


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