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Greetings, we want to thank VNV and Jalali for all the water pumping and
work done this weekend at the site. We had several others helping create the
smoking area and generally clean up, DSD, Gwenlliana, Brian, Amanda, Keely,
Fred, Nerak, Bennet, and Atticus.. If I forgot someone please let us know,
There is still some pick up of cow patties and removal of lemon trees from
equestrian and the list field. Our site is looking good and almost ready.
Three days left! Mirabelis , Berengaria and myself, Giovanna, will be on
site Thursday to do several tasks, come out an join us if you are able, we
will be having fun visiting etc. We could always do with a burger around
supper time!! Hint hint since we will be limited on our cooking!  YIS,

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> Greetings all,
> An update on the water on site.
> First of all, we have three 200+ gallon containers
> with wheels to be used primarily as fire trucks.
> Saint David's truck will carry the 210g mushroom.
> Zorc's trailer will have a 275g square.
> My trailer will also have a 275g square.
> My trailer will be parked in the Equestrian area.
> I will ask that it be used for horse drinking water
> only after all the other Equestrian sources are dry.
> The Equestrian area has a 260g tower
> and six 55g open top barrels.
> With the 275g square in my trailer,
> Equestrian will have a total of 865g gallons.
> Plus the 500g gallons
> that I am told individuals will bring with them.
> And if all of that runs out,
> we can use the 275g on Zorc's trailer as well.
> The showers have four 50g barrels
> and a 275g square on the tower.
> If the 475g gallons runs out,
> that will be the end of  the showers.
> No refills.
> The smoking / cooking / kitchen area has three 55g barrels.
> The Swien Camp has two 55g barrels.
> It will take a pump to get the water out of these closed top barrels.
> Saint David will have the Barony's pump in the back of his truck.
> It would be nice to borrow battery or gas powered pumps
> from individuals
> that we could keep at these locations for ready use.
> The new 100g gallon food grade tank and stand is not in the kitchen yet,
> but I have been told that the check has been cut
> and I have been assured that it will be on site and ready to use
> by Friday.
> I would strongly suggest that the feast coordinator
> have a last minuet back up plan
> incase there is a snag.
> That's about it.
> 14 hours of hauling water down,
> only 4 or 5 more to go.
> If you have any suggestions, donations, concerns or a pump
> please contact me through my email or phone.
> In service to the Barony,
> Volod NotVlad
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