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Lemoine Beers loco.cerveza at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 11:20:15 PDT 2011

Defender of the Fort


 This past weekend was our 28th Defender of the Fort. It was a very
wonderful weekend. The new Raven's Guild members made a very good showing
for themselves by assisting not only the barony, but they also assisted some
of our guests with their needs. All of the competitions for our new
champions were wonderful to watch. I had the honor to work along side Herr
Detlef von Marburg in attending to our Baron and Baroness threw out the day.
The presenting of the new champions as they won the honor in what was termed
“Blitz Courts” was something new to our barony, that also saved time in last
court. It was a joy to be able to see the faces of the new champion's face
on the field getting there prizes and honors on the field. I for one think
this is something that we should do in upcoming events. The new champions
are :

 Lord Devin = Artisan of the Fort

Don Charles = Brewmaster of the Fort,

Atticus Bleak = Ravenskald,

Lord Lorenzo = Cavalier of the Fort

Sir Ysfel = Defender of the Fort,

Lord Plochaya = Bowman of the Fort,

Lady Cambria = Chevalier of the Fort

I would also like to send a big vivat out to the following people: Mistress
Shanahan and H.E. Musashi no Domai both of them received a Sable Crane,
Gwenlliana Lovelady Bennett Fox, Mallory of Raven's Fort, and Keely all
received AoA's Lady Gwenlliana Lovelady Mistress Shanahan The Fey were
received Feathers of Honor, Rosalia of Raven's Fort received her scroll for
the Feather of honor that she received last year. H.E. Brian Mistress Fiona
and Herr Detlef were made members of the Order of the Raven's Wings. If you
received an award and I missed it please forgive me, I am working on a
Sunday post event brain :-)

All and all this was one of the best events that Raven's Fort has hosted in
many years. The weather was good with a bit of falling stuff from the sky to
cool us off, then the winds keep us cool. I very wonderful event.

Lemoine de Gascony MKA "L.D. Beers"  loco.cerveza at gmail.com
"for my purpose holds To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths Of all the
western stars, until I die."  --Tennyson
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