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Greetings to all,
   An historic event was witnessed by those in attendance this weekend last,
where our champions were chosen. By days end, four of our seven champions
were captured by those of the Raven's populace. Our other four champions are
of great renown and we ask all to honor them, as one would members of our
    Our trade routes to the coast, northward, and to the east are free of
threats to commerce. Our reports are based upon the Households  of those who
attended our gathering. Peace reigns across our Kingdom, but as our Prince
And Princess reminded us, Trimarian forces are gathering together at a
winter camp.  We must be prepared to meet them after the deep cold of winter
ends. Spend your winter months in anticipation of WAR. Fighters practice and
perfect your art, be it of sword, shield, arrows, ballista and horsemanship.
Artisans arise to display your documentation and crafts. Water bearers,
Chirurgeons and Marshalls  prepare your supplies to protect all who gather
from all over the Known World for this great War. Show our honorable enemies
what talents emanate from within Raven's Fort.
    We had such a joyous day, which ended at Sweinbrothar's camp. Our Royal
Highness's  asked Raven's Forts' Camerlingo, Herr Detlef, to reopen Their
Highness's court.  They  presented  Lady Mallory her AoA as all at the party
watched with great smiles. When HerrDetlef closed court with a loud 'Vi-vat
Ansterora', SweinCamp responded with a tremendous 'Vi-vat', which will echo
forever among the Raven's legends and which brought a smile to our
Highness's faces.
 In love and light,

Pasquale and Giovanna
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort
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