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Greeting to all,

After talking with their Excellencies and the populace of the Loch Soilleir,
we have decided that because of the condition of Camwood and the burn band
we are going to make Lochtoberfest into a day event. The site will open at
8am on Saturday with court starting about 9 and the site will close at 8pm.
* Please know that there is NO water and NO electricity on site. We will be
cooking off site for our meal. *

We are still going to have a wonderful day of rapier and armored melee
fighting with cut and thrust trials.  The bardic and a&s titled competitions
will take placed as planned.  There will be pumpkin ball in the afternoon
and a wonderful meal of sausage, pretzel, beer-cheese and strudel.

Unfortunatly we will have to cancel the hafla that evening so that everyone
will be able to pack up in the day light because there is no other light.

Merchants are welcome to set up their shops. There will be plenty of space
under the metal pavilion so everyone just needs to bring your chair and
sense of fun and come out to a great time. Please feel free to contact me
with any questions about our event.  Thank you all for understanding the
reasons for shorting this event for safety reasons but still provide a place
to have a fantastic, fun time.

In service,
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