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Actually just about everything is being double posted so that everyone has a chance to read what is going on regardless of which list/social media one uses.  However it is much faster to have a discussion on FB than the list so sometimes there is a little lag between the two.  The only mushrooms around are the ones I cook ;)

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I believe that with facebook being so popular in the Barony,
the Raven’s Fort email list has become the Mushroom List.
It is mostly kept in the dark.
I suspect that there is a lot that does not make it here.
I suspect that there is little point even being a part of this list anymore.
Maybe they should just shut it down.
It would be better knowing that you are out of the loop,
than to think you are being informed when it is just not happening.
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Nor have I.  Those dates don't fall on "weekends" per the calendar in my checkbook.  Maybe "weekend" meant days off between rotating shifts at work or something???  My mom used to call those "weekends" when working at the power plant...
I 'will' be heading out to Stones at some point to work specifically on the equestrian area whenever the planets align correctly.  Between the liturgical calendar, the endurance ride calendar, and family commitments, I've been unable to do so, to-date.  The former two "seasons" will be winding down shortly and they're changing my Mom's chemo so hopefully things will improve on that front, too.
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>I have not seen the calendar of work weekends posted.
>Did I somehow miss them ?
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>I checked my calendar and the first work weekend that I'm officially looking at is May 17th.  The second one is July 25th.
>Charles Grothaus
>m.k.a.  Drew Russell
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