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Just another reminder... I have had lots of people interested in the upcoming A&S competition at Co-Baronial:

No, you don't have to have the actual receipts.  A list of costs (as best as you can remember) will be great. 

Yes, you can enter if you are a new person and you can keep the entry. 

Yes, please enter something other than garb.  Remember that new people need lots of things... chairs, hats, shoes, jewelry,  feast gear, baskets.... 

Here is the other information just in case... smile. 

The Titled Artisans of the Baronies of The Stargate and Loch Soillier wish to announce an A&S competition to take place at Co-Baronial on May 5th

Theme: Outfit a new person with only $30

· Documentation is not required but receipts or totals of money spent are required. If you have been gifted the supplies or have them already, you will need to assign a fair market value to it. You are to account only for the supplies not any of the tools or patterns.

· Populace voting will determine winners in three categories: Stargate and Loch Soillier Populace favorites as well as an Overall favorite.

· Remember that although new people need clothing, they also need many other things so please be creative and try to use all of you $30.

· We are suggesting that once you have competed in this competition you donate your entry to a new person or to the hospitaler of your choice.

Set-up will start at 10am. Please consider being part of this competition. If you would like to have people comment on your art please see us at sign in for paper or you are welcome to bring you own. We will have tables available for you to use to display.

HL Delphina de Champeaux, Titled Artisan of Loch Soillier and Lady Isolde die Waeyer, Titled Artisan of the Stargate


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