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Sun Apr 22 20:12:44 PDT 2012

Oyez!    Oyez!    Oyez!
This Friday and Saturday, the 1160’s castle-town of Hugh’s Town, Scotland will 
once again return to verdant meadows of the Sam Houston Memorial Museum.
We encourage all to don their 12th Century Tunics and Gunnes and join us. (No 
Kilts, please, Hugh’s Town is in the Lowlands.)  The Sam Houston Folk Festival 
runs Friday from 9am to 4 and Saturday from 10am to 7.  Since Huntsville is 
closing 19th Street at 7am, we strongly suggest that you arrive between 6am & 
6:30am.  If you arrive later, either entrance should pass you through by nature 
of your garb.  If there’s any question, just call my cell (979-255-2693) and I 
will come straighten things out.  Some of the Volunteers may not get told about 
us and Hugh’s Town. 

If you have anything to drop off, use the 19th Street entrance and go straight 
until the road takes a bend to the right. Do not follow the road.  Hugh’s Town 
is at the end of the sidewalk you should be facing.  Find a place to park long 
enough to unload or call my cell (979-255-2693) and someone will meet you for 
the unload. Then you follow the road out to Hwy 75 & back around to 19th Street 
again.  Turn right on 19th, go past the entrance, go thru the Stop Sign, and 
turn right on the next street - Ave. P.  That is Dave & Dom’s street and they 
said they would rather we use it than just regular Festival attendees.  You may 
either walk back or wait for our Shuttle.  More on that, later.
The A & S tables need your things that have a 12th Century correlation (again, 
think the early Crusader or Robin Hood mythos); woodcarving, weaving, spinning, 
hand-thrown pottery, metal-smithing, calligraphy, leather-working, jewelry, 
and/or herbals.
Musicians and Singers, our Bardic Champion, Attimus Bleak, requests your 
services to entertain both Sir Hugh’s noble guests, the visiting Baron & 
Baroness of a far-away land called Raven’s Fort, and the Festival attendees.  
There is a Fighting/Bardic schedule we will be following that I will later 
IMPORTANT:  Setup for Hugh’s Town will start at NOON on Thursday.  HE Brian is 
in charge of that.  I, also, will be there.  We need any and everyone who can 
arrange so to join us.  There is a lot to be set up.
AND if you need Garb, the Loaner Garb chests will be with me at Thursday’s setup 
so after we get done, you can get your garb for the Festival.  Or call my cell 
and we can arrange a meeting, Thursday night. 

We had fun doing this last year and I anticipate that we’ll have more fun this 
year since we know more of what to expect.  Please come join us for the entire 
Festival… or any part that you can.  We’d love to have you.
Yours, in Service
Shanahan the Fey
Hospitaler – Raven’s Fort
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