[Ravensfort] A&S at Folk Fest

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We won't have a full tally until everyone shows up.  So far, HL Devin is 
doing callig and painting, Mistress  Nerak  & Her Excellency Baroness Jalali 
will be doing weaving, spinning & bardic, Lady Runa is doing spices, foods, & 
fiber arts, Lady Nan is doing fiber arts, Ace is doing his herbals, Alaric is 
bringing his belt, I have my embroidery, weaving bits, wire-work, some jewelry, 
some leather-work & some hand-thrown pottery, I hope His Excellency Baron Brian 
will bring some of his leather work & fancy armor, and I hope you will bring 
your drop-spindling, lucet, your paints & whatever other 12th Century crafting 
you might have.  As for the others.... I can only hope.


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Who all is going to be displaying or working on A&S project at the Folk Fest?

Lemoine de Gascony CIM

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