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As many of us have begun preparations for War (it's only 14 weeks away),
some items have become available to help us announce our brotherhood as a
Kingdom.  There are T-Shirts available that many have seen on Facebook (I
can't include pictures here, but if you're interested message me off-list
and I'll be happy to forward those).  And now, I have also verified pricing
for car flags (those lovely flags that attach to the car window often seen
in support of some university or other).  The car flags will simply have
our kingdom badge printed on them so that those travelling throughout the
kingdom and further out into the knowne world will be known to all as

Please note that proceeds from both items are going to Their Stellar
Majesties to help find Kingdom-wide projects and to help offset some of
Their travel expenses.

Contact me off-list if you are interested in either of these items.

T-Shirts are:

Size SM - XL = $15
Size 2X - 5X = $20

Car Flags are $10

HL Adalia VonderBerg

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