[Ravensfort] June Populace meeting minutes

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Sun Jun 10 15:02:05 PDT 2012

Greetings to all,  
   Approximately 29 people attended the meeting with one newcomer Mistress Julianna and returning newcomer Brandon.  Many items were discussed this time-

   Our spring event date was not accepted and we discussed many options. We will get on a waiting list for the date and our Seneschal, Dom,  would like all to email our Crown and calendar officer.  We would like them to know that we really need this date as we have been cancelled once on our second event already and there are not many other choices etc.  Others can elaborate on this discussion as there was much talk about it.

  We will host all championships therefore at Defender.

  We would like to have background music during court at Defender. If you are so inclined we would love to have a small sampling of time, not the whole time, just to make it easier.

  We would like all who help with Defender to be present at morning court where we want to  acknowledge you and then attend evening court for a small token of thanks from us, Their Excellencies.

   Waivers at Defender was discussed next. We need to be sure that everyone who attends, even those coming in late have signed the waiver. Therefore we ask all officers and heads of households to make sure that everyone in their area is visibly wearing a site token.  They will be referred to our autocrat, Charles Grothaus, who will be the holder of the waivers when gate has closed Saturday afternoon. We enjoy the festivities Saturday night and do not want anyone to endanger our standing as a Barony by being there without signing a waiver.  This topic was discussed at officers meeting and approved by all officers. 

   We talked of continuing to let  our University students into the event free with a  'first time event'  card filled out by the Raven's Guild. We opened up a discussion of, " Do we still want to let any other people in free as we may be missing out on needed funds.?" Instead of discussing this, we asked those with an opinion to email the B&B with their opinion on this. 

   We will be taking donations for motel space for His Majesty to stay in a room for Defender. Some money was given and other donations will continue to be taken at next Populace. HL Devin will make the arrangement for the cost and place.

  Their Excellencies will be representing our Barony at Pennsic this year. HE Pace hopes to represent the Kingdom as an archer.

   Mistress Shanahan would like to hold more demos but will really need a firm commitment from the Barony to do so. She will be checking into local girl scout groups to see what type of arrangement we might can make with them.
Let her know if you have ideas on this.

  The museum made $1000 this year on the Sam Houston Folk Festival. They will continue it next year on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 3,4 and 5, 2013.  Mistress Shanahan will give us more details as they develop.
  Our Equestrian Champion , Chevalier of the Fort,scroll , needs someone to please make it. It would be much appreciated for someone to create  this wonderful prize from our Barony. 

  Our guilds continue to meet, watch for times and dates to be posted. 
  Our next site workday is July 28. Lord Egan will co autocrat Defender with Charles Grothaus.  

 HE Brian was thanked for bringing the Baronial merchant table plus wares to Steppes Warlord. We made $451 for our Barony. We will pay our storage for a year with it!  Vivat to HE Brian , Lady Runa, and Daire for helping with this endeavor.

    *   Our office of the MInister of A&S is now open for applications.  The deadline for putting in your app is July 10!!  Please join our officers to help our Barony run smoothly. It is a fun job and very rewarding. Apps must go to Their Excellencies and Seneschal.


Giovanna Lena Caronna  
 Baroness of Raven's Fort

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