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The following has all ready been sent out to all Kingdom Deputies for Combat Archery or the person in charge of Combat Archery for their Kingdom and to the CAMarshals list.

Every attempt will always be made to try and insure that the online rules posted for Pennsic combat archery as well as the Pennsic Booklet reflect the most current rules.  Due to a variety of circumstances this doesn't always happen.  The Pennsic Combat Archery Marshal-in Charge reserves the right to make any modifications as necessary.  If any changes are made then every attempt will be made to notify those people in charge of each of the Kingdom's combat archery program so they can notify those in their Kingdom as soon as possible before hand.  If the situation is such that changes must be made at war then that is also within the scope of the Pennsic Combat Archery Marshal-in-Charge.

The reason this is being sent out is the Pennsic 41 combat archery rules and those that will be in the Pennsic Booklet are not complete and correct,  Last year (Pennsic 40) there were several omissions, typos and a few problems that were to be addressed for Pennsic 41.  

Due to circumstances beyond our control the rules posted on the site and in the booklet are the same ones from last year.  All that was done was changing the number for this years Pennsic.

The following will be in affect this year at Pennsic 41.  Please pass the word to all of those in our kingdoms.  The changes for this year are in bold print.

The changes for this year are minor in nature for this year and will give folks a heads up for what to expect for Pennsic 42.

This information is being sent with the approval of the Pennsic Combat Archery Marshal in Charge.   

Master Erik Erikson the Scout
Pennsic Deputy Combat Archery-MIC

•  It is your responsibility as a Combat Archer to check, sort and repair your ammunition BEFORE bringing it to Inspection Point.

             6.   All arrows or bolts must be labeled in English, showing the owner's name and kingdom on the shaft.  It is strongly recommended that the owners name & Kingdom be on a printed label and be completely covered with clear wrapping / shipping tape.  This will be the standard for Pennsic 42 held in 2013.

       i)   Measure the draw weight (in inch-pounds) of the crossbow with a calibrated scale and ruler to ensure it is within appropriate specs for the combat ammo being shot.

       b)  NO form of plastic or feather fletching will be permitted on fiberglass shaft ammo. 

      m)  If ammunition is a type using foam on the tip,  check that the foam tip cannot be forced more than ½ inch into a legal faceguard.  If penetration COULD occur more than ½ inch inside a grill, the ammunition fails.

    i) There are only three (3) approved tips for use on tubular (sil-o-flex or equivalent) combat shafts: Modified Baldar Blunts, Rubber Stoppers (6.5 size) and tennis balls.

    iv) Resilient foam approximately the diameter of the stopper must be secured to the tip so that there is at least ½ inch and at most 1 1/4 inches thickness after taping with fiberglass-reinforced (strapping) tape.  Round disks of foam are strongly suggested instead of square pieces which have caused concerns with the square corner of the foam and the helmet grill.

iiii)   The fins must meet the construction standards approved at Society Level

           (1) The tail end of the Sil-o-flex (or equivalent) must be left solid for at least 1 inch.

          (2) Cuts no longer than 2 ½  inches may be made in order to install fletches but must have a 3/16 inch hold drilled at the ends of each cut (stop holes) to keep the cut from going further.

The new standard for Pennsic 42 held in 2013 will be NO type of slit will be legal cut into a tubular shaft to insert any type of fin or fletching.   It is strongly recommended that no new tubular ammo be constructed using the cutting a slit in the tubular shaft and inserting the foam for a fin because this will be the last year that a slit cut into a tubular shaft will be legal for Pennsic. 

    n)  Archers may have a backup weapon on them, but MAY NOT draw it until their bow has been safely disposed of (taken off the field, discarded in a low traffic area, handed to another combatant, etc.).  A crossbow must be placed outside the combat area or in the keeping of another combatant who will accept it before drawing a back up weapon.  Upon drawing a backup weapon to enter combat, hands must both be appropriately armored.


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